Accident Report

In nowadays' conditions and population growth, the number of vehicles in the traffic have also increased, which has made every day's traffic accidents inevitable. Things happening as a result of accident leave accident victims and people who has to wait in traffic for hours even if they do not interfere with the accident in a tight spot.
Situations like waiting for municipal traffic police for a long time and not moving the vehicles before arrival of municipal traffic police increase the victimhood and affect traffic flow negatively. In order to solve all these negativities, provisions regarding traffic accidents stated in 81st clause of Highway Traffic Code number 2918 enacted in 1983, are assessed again in nowadays' circumstances. With the Notice of Secretariat of Treasury number 2007/27, in traffic accidents that result only in material damages, a method allowing parties agree by themselves has been formed.
According to this method, as of April 1st 2008 on condition of abiding the Traffic Code, people involved in accident can make an official agreement report that substitute "Traffic Accident Report".

What is “Accident Resulting In Material Damage Report?”

Parties whom are involved in the accident that only material damaged are make a compromise between each other and without the need to wait for traffic police, they can fill the accident resulting in material damage report and can appeal to insurance firm with this document.

In Which Cases The “Accident Resulting In Material Damage Report” is Invalid?

If he following circumstances come into question, “accident resulting in material damage report” filled by parties is not possible and hereby rejected by our company. Therefore, in the following cases traffic police must be called and make the minutes taken. Except that, in only material damaged accidents, if parties compromised, it is possible to make an official report.

  • If the vehicle driven without driving license or insufficient driving license,
  • If driver is under age,
  • If driver has alcohol or mental health doubt,
  • If the one or more of the vehicles that involved in the accident belong to the public establishment,
  • If the commodities of public establishments damaged,
  • If only third parties’ commodities damaged as a result of traffic accident,
  • If the one or more of the vehicles that involved in the accident is uninsured,
  • If the traffic accident concluded with a death and/or injury,
In the case of parties disagree except the circumstances stated above, traffic police must be called and make the minutes taken.

How you receive the minutes of the proceedings?

You can receive the minutes of the proceedings both the agency that issued your policy and our web site.

Points to take into consideration while filling “Accident Resulting In Material Damage Report”;
  • Vehicles must keep still and photos must be taken which shows damages in different viewpoints at the scene of the accident. Parties whom involved in the accident and copies of driving license with permit must be provided.
  • Only parties whom involved in the accident are entitled to fill minutes of the proceedings. It is not necessary to be a license holder. Drivers whom involved in the accident can make an official report.
  • Parties’ whom involved in an accident wet signatures must be on the form. Even the minutes of the proceedings’ copy presents, wet signatures also must be on copies. In the case of one of the parties’ signature is not presented, the minutes of the proceedings is no longer valid.
  • Entire information on the form must be read attentively and must be filled according to explanations in front page.
  • Especially the traffic policy number and related Insurance Companies of vehicles involved in an accident must be indicated, otherwise, if the policy cannot be identified, the minutes of the proceedings is no longer valid.
  • In order not to come up with troubles on identifying defective fractions and other examinations, sketch must be drawn and the accident must be explained clearly.
  • While filling hereby the minutes of the proceedings, please be attentive to write legibly and remember that this application is only cover the accidents resulting in material damage.


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