Employment Procedure

Which steps required during the Doğa Insurance Employment Procedure from receiving an application to call out for an employment interviewing?

Career opportunities and Application Ways

  • Applications saved into our cv bank.
  • For the vacant positions, this database searched for required qualifications and make contact with matched applicants.
  • At the first meeting, “General Ability” and “Personality Inventory” are tested.
  • After these tests, Human Resources Officials interview the applicant.
  • If Human Resources express a positive opinion, the applicant meets department manager.
  • Applicants whom completed entire interviews affirmatively gets an offer by Human Resources Department.

Business Opportunities and Application Paths

  • Your application will be saved us from our CV bank.
  • In order to position vacancies that may occur by searching in this database are contacted with the candidate meets the required qualifications.
  • In the first interview the candidates 'General Aptitude Test' 'and' 'Personality Inventory' is applied.Interview after the test is done by the officials of Human Resources.
  • Human Resources candidate if a favorable opinion, is interviewed by the relevant department manager.
  • All these interviews and reference research for candidates who complete a positive job offer is made by the Department of Human Resources.

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