Performance And Progress Management Process

As DOĞA Insurance, our purpose in Performance And Progress Management Process is finding out high performance and high potential employees. We aim improve our entire employees’ loyalty accordingly with this process while evaluating their performances and potentials.

Performance Evaluation

It’s been stayed focused on two main components during the finding our abilities, employee’s performance and potential. Employee’s performance mark is made up of annual target assessment’ and competence results. Each employee get their targets annually and they are evaluated in the end of the year. With this process, some results received on the basis of person. Their competences evaluated only once in a year. Supervisory statuses evaluated by subordinate and superior, however, Nonsupervisory statuses only evaluated by superior. In this competence evaluation, employee’s behavior in the related status and business manners are considered. These two results are produced annually (target and competence evaluations) made employee’s performance mark a certain extent. With determining performance mark, ability process’s first component is gained.

Potential Evaluation

The first step of measuring potential is evaluating employee for a upper status via survey by first and secondary manager on the system. Second step is, employee’s involvement into competence inventory that employee evaluated himself. By this means, two results are received on employee; first and secondary managers’ evaluation and employee’s own evaluation.

Talent Management Committees

Entire results are reported and analyzed by Human Resources. In Talent Management Committee, each employee evaluated by Human Resources and related Senior Management personally. In this meeting made by Human Resources, employees’ strongest sides and zone of developments discussed, likewise, development plan is formed. Results that received in these meetings evaluated and confirmed by Executive Committee Member. Manager and upper status results are submit to the approval of Chairman Of The Executive Board. Hereby, talent pool is determined. This process is repeated annually.

Development Programs

Developments plans that made by considering employees’ strongest and development sides are planned within the scope of “Individual Development Program.” On the other development program, Management Development Program’s aim is constitute a common language and attitude. Our talent improvement program is also designed for our chosen DOĞA employees to talent pool in order to prepare them for the upper status. With Talent Development Program, targeted thing is strengthening their strongest sides and support their development area. Our Development Programs made up of multiple education systems and different practices considered for each level (title group). With entire practices during the process of Performance and Development Management, we aim strengthen our employees’ loyalty, improve their satisfactions and support the interior succession systems.


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