Nihat Kırmızı told ' Supplementary Health Insurance’ / Timetürk Doğa Insurance on Press

Doğa Insurance Chairman Of The Executive Board Nihat Kırmızı explained that they put the Supplementary Health Insurance on the market. Kırmızı indicated that, they are one of the dynamic, innovative company in the sector and therefore they are assertive about launch a health insurance products besides the many other products as well in 81 provinces with agreements with private hospitals. Nihat Kırmızı add that, by the virtue of Supplementary Health Insurance, insured get services free of charge in SSI and Doğa Insurance contractual healthcare organizations. Kırmızı stated that, in Supplementary Health Insurance it is possible to choice special options and budgets alternatively. “Turkish Citizens can make advantage of this insurance policy whom are In the scope of SSI and between 0 – 59 ages. In the same policy scope, as a family, mother, father and/or single children can take part.”

Kırmızı said that, with new products inpatient treatment assurance paid %100 and limitless after the date of insurance’s attachment date and it covers medically required surgical and interior hospitalisation. In reference to ailments after attachment date, ambulatory treatment, medical examination, laboratory services, visualisation and advanced diagnostic procedure, physiotherapy paid %100 bounded by 6 or 8 times in a year. “Lifelong replacement warranty”

CEO of the Doğa Insurance Nihat Kırmızı said that, Insured whom uninterruptedly in same insurance plan for 3 years In Doğa expiry Insurance and insurance period, for a first time, before the age of 55 included in the cope of policy and last three years’ loss ratio is maximum 70% has a right to lifelong replacement warranty. “If our customers say that, our product is only valid in SSI contracted organizations”, optionally, with ‘A+ Inpatient Treatment Assurance’ opens doors to organizations that the traditional health insurance is valid and also take the advantage of yearly 10 thousand lira exempt this assurance within the scope of prescribed conditions in the policy.”


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