Provides insurance coverage against risks of natural disasters (earthquake, flooding, landslide, storm), fire, lightning, explosion and theft as well as damages caused by sudden and unforeseeable reasons from the start of the assembly operation until it is finished. 

Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, the following is not covered by the insurance

  • Machinery, tools and devices and temporary cabins and auxiliary facilities to perform assembly operations,
  • Costs of debris removal after damage,
  • All damages caused by strike, lockout, and commotion and any military or disciplinary actions taken as a result of these,
  • Damages caused by 4 weeks of operation/testing period,

Optional Coverage:

  • Construction Machinery and Equipmen
  • Debris Removal
  • Earthquake
  • Strike, Lockout, Riot, Civil Commotions and Malicious Damage and Terror Clause
  • Expanded Maintenance
  • Third Party Liability

Warranty Period

Unless otherwise specified, starts with the unloading of the items shown attached to the policy in the assembly area including four-week testing period until the end date of the policy. Your insurance coverage starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 12:00 noon.

Adjustments of Insurance Premium and Period

It should not be lower than the current market value of the machinery, installations and materials (including if any custom duties, taxes and transport and assembly costs) to be assembled, and the current market values of the machinery, tools and devices and temporary cabins and auxiliary facilities, if insured, used to perform assembly operations.

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