Freight insurance > Commodity Freight Insurances

Carried commodities you own in various means of transport, during the transportation, your commodities assurance against the several risks is provided by our Commodity Freight Insurance product. Besides, as insured, not only the value of your commodity, but also freight, insurance premium and predicted profit like countervailing excise can be assured.

This assurance for your commodities provided with following assurances.

  • Total Loss Assurance:

    It provides assurance in the case of decrease in value of the good while transferring according to the reasons indicated in the policy.

  • Limited Assurance:

    It provides assurance for your partial losses that occurred during the transportation (in a various type of transferring of the goods) as a result of car crash, clash, rollover and fire etc.

  • Extended Assurance

    Extended Commodity Freight Insurances generally included ENTIRE HAZARDS without exception (Ship, Truck, Train, Airplane), however, following situations kept as exception.

    • Situations contrary to law (forbidden or illicit trade, smuggling etc.)
    • Inherent vice
    • Inappropriate transportation conditions, losses as a result of lack of package,
    • Losses as a result of insured’s bad intentions,
    • Losses as a result of delay,
    • Losses of radioactive contamination,
    • Optionally, other risks may be obtainable;
    • Losses as a result of warfare and strike can be included in an assurance with an additional charge into an optional surety.

Besides, Commodity Freight Floating Insurances:

Generally, Commodity Freight Insurances based on voyage. At different times, in the cases of insured’s import and export activities into different countries or domestic consigning commodities’ have regular schedule, it is possible to assure (FLOATER) with a contract. By the virtue of this contract (FLOATER), assurance can be provided within the scope of determined conditions and rate limits.