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Doğa Insurance General Manager Burak Reis Özen, evaluated 2015.
Doğa Insurance General Manager Burak Reis Özen talked at the meeting attended by a large number of agencies in Kuşadasi . Take care, 'Developing cooperatives and takaful Insurance' in his presentation to the agency, Doğa Insurance is a cooperative company as a partner, although established as that, and the second cooperative can trade with others outside 'Open Cooperatives' title with first and said that only cooperative insurance company.
Özen said they aimed to close at the end of this year with production of 265 million pounds, "We have a license in all branches except Aircraft and boat insurance. We all needed legal protection, transportation, liability, fire, we also manufacture in non-auto accidents and auto insurance. We have received, we will begin to assess the health branch license in 2016, "
With the end of November, Özen indicating that they have 580 agencies, "Our Board of Directors has decided to grow the agency with a large portion of insurance production. Doğa Insurance, participation in insurance issued by the Treasury has the authority to make production with permission. Due to a certain segment of religious sensitivities in Turkey do not look so hot insurance and compulsory insurance only makes two. On the result of negotiations with the Treasury, we have made this issue received permission to make the insurance participation under the Doğa Insurance cooperative structure. The two major reinsurance companies in the world and started to work on SwissRe insurance participation in an agreement with the HannoverRe. And add that I'm in all branches and we are no longer insurance participation with all of our units."