Doğa Insurance on Press > Doğa Insurance general manager Gölpınar: "We purpose leadership on entire activities”/

Doğa Insurance General Manager Coşkun Gölpınar stated in the expert meeting that they make progress in a short while and they purpose a leadership in every activities. Doğa Insurance gather experts all across the Turkey. Approximately 170 experts participated on the meeting and Doğa Insurance General Manager Coşkun Gölpınar gave a speech. He stated that, the meeting will be held on every year. Coşkun Gülpınar presented and tell the development of Doğa Insurance beside he indicated "You are our right hand man in the field” 
Gölpınar continued his speech: “Except İstanbul, we are carry on a business in our important districts as Ankara, Adana, İzmir, Antalya. Our regional directorate completed their personnel cadres. For our new district, we already appoint our staff.  Besides, we have new additional branches in Istanbul within the scope of our company. We are at the top regarding the oto branch. With the end of the March, regarding the traffic, we are rank number eight on total insurance companies’ premium production.  While the policy rank is become wider, the damage increases equally as well. In this connection, experts shoulder responsibility to measure burning cost and damages. You are our hand and ears in the field. Working with you concertedly is our main principle. The most important reflection of the insurance company is a damage. We request you to reply rapidly and support us within the scope of your rules. Accordingly, we are planning to bring a performance measurement system. We have important expectations on receiving right, fair and fast expert reports.”