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Doğa Insurance who belive in the importance of education in insurance sector, renews  its sales team’s information with “Agency orientation training”and update them. Doğa Insurance arranges trainings in order to provide better services and going ahead with succeeding on institutionalization. 
Doğa Insurance trained sales representatives that collaborate with its agencies and aim for increase and improve its quality of service.  Instructors are chosen as competent people. Expert instructors inform regarding the sales techniques besides arranging activities towards institutive works which are informative. 
In accordance with this purpose, Doğa Insurance arranged training between the dates 18-22 July. In Agency Representatives Orientation Training Week, sales techniques training provided for the team come up with 30 people during 2 days. 
By TÜREV Educational Counselling (business development manag2er senior executive advisor) Dr. Savaş Tavşancı provided a wide range of  sales techniques training for 2 days. On Wednesday and Thursday, Doğa Insurance senior executives and unit managers provided training on the subject of selling strategies, auto- out of auto accidents, fire and engineering, risk engineering, reassurance, participant insurance, damage- logistic, health and financial and administrative affairs. As for last day, the screen training has provided. Attendants showed great interest for applied screen trainings.  ¬
On the testing screens, policies regarding the any kind of branches and products has been done. Studied on payment rates, offer and policies. 
Chief executive of Doğa Insurance Çoşkun Gölpınar gave flash message on sales techniques for participant for 2 hours presentation. 
With Coşkun Gölpınar’s presentation, the weekly meeting concluded. 

Chief Executive Cosşkun Gölpınar evaluated the Doğa Insurance Orientation Training Week and stated that the training went well. Gölpınar also indicated that at they are going ahead with trainings intermittently and add that, “Doğa Insurance is a company that maintains improving every day. Being a hundred percent national capital company is our honour. Doğa Insurance that built on a strong foundation forges ahead in order to become a large company. in line with this purpose, we must well grounded while we are on our way. Therefore, me should adapt ourselves by any measure. It is highly important to rapid change and adaptation according to the necessities of the time, particularly for insurance companies. 
We must have flexible and make a decision rapidly structure. And consequently, we must keep our workmates dynamic and updated. Being aware on the importance of education is not enough. We shouldn’t consider it as drudgery and should take advantage of it. It is a good new that me and my workmates are aware of it. After the last training, our sales representatives going to provide so much better services for agencies. Our collaborated agencies are our institutional representatives. These trainings we provided for our sales team eventually reflected for agencies. We also intended in order to renew our agencies and keep them alive besides keeping them updated. This service provided for agencies by our sales representatives in an apprehensible way. Forwhy, the agencies’ each minute is valuable for us. We are agree with information interchange between the agencies and our sales representatives make a major contribution for production.  And we are doing it without steal our agencies time.” 
Gölpınar, “Doğa Insurance attached importance to its agencies. Using email with agencies as the only communications channel is not enough. Announcements can be escape the attention sometimes. For this reason, direct relay information between agencies and sales representatives on developments is important. Back in the old days, companies gather agencies in a hall and provided trainings. White increasing agency number, companies gave up providing trainings. However, as Doğa Insurance who aware the fact education’s importance, we have a goal that provide trainings one to one on developments and trainings. We rely on our agencies. They also keep rely on Doğa Insurance.”
Doğa Insurance’s CEO Nihat Kırmızı: 'In order to relieve wounds rapidly, damages will be covered” 
Doğa Insurance’s CEO Nihat Kırmızı stated that, this illegitimate situation that experienced by all insurance branches and general conditions, although emphasised as exception, Doğa Insurance cover the damages in order to insured relieve wounds rapidly.  
Doğa Insurance’s CEO Nihat Kırmızı said that, to relieve wounds rapidly, Doğa Insurance cover the damages. 15 July 2016, illegitimate attempting, government and nation collaborated as one man and take a firm stand on it and make it ineffective. Think nothing of nondemocratic and national will, this failure attempt call forth material and nonmaterial wounds. Entire insurance branches policies general conditions emphasised the situation as exception. However, as Turkey’s national insurance company, damagedes will be covered by Doğa Insurance.”
Doğa Insurance’s CEO Nihat Kırmızı: Turkish, Kurdish, Laz, Alevist, Sunni, Rightist and Leftwinger, dosen’t matter. Our nation and government showed that this kind of illegitimate situations not allowed to and we are always stand by our government and nation, also stand by our insured to cover their damages.”