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Doğa insurance CEO Nihat Kırmızı said that they knew about the company for "It is gratifying to have such a reliable image.”
Attracting the attention of foreign capital to the healthy growth strategy and strong capital and insurance sectors have become a reliable company Doğa appropriate insurance contribution to Islamic sensitivities in Turkey that applied for the first time successfully implemented since its inception. Doğa Insurance’s CEO Nihat Kırmızı indicating that the suitors from different countries, the company "Gulf of the world's leading country in the European insurance companies are making efforts to invest in Doğa insurance. Our company is unaware of interest are not intended. Although our country of foreign capital through us not interested in our company and in a short time if this is so gratifying to have a reliable image as now we do not have an agenda to get outside investment "
Doğa Insurance’s CEO Nihat Kırmızı said "which already has a strong capital structure of our company, carries the risk that the world in the most powerful alliances and assumed reinsurance company with an excellent sharing way. In this sense, an important part of obtaining 100 percent Doğa insurance to the domestic industry in 2023 as a cooperative company and aims to become one of the industry's most important companies.”
Kırmızı said that such partnerships or investments in the agenda if they can get the explaining reach their goals, "Until then, we aim to continue as a wholly-owned domestic companies.”