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Doğa Insurance has added health care services and education services to its product range for 2016. 

Stating that they have obtained license of health care services insurance in June, Nihat Kırmızı, Chairman of Board of Doğa Insurance, has also said that they have assembled health care services into education insurance. In these product, they guarantee not only the situations like the accidents happening to students, but also insure students in cases like the losses of their parents or their parents’ loss of job. 
Kırmızı: “We guarantee the rest of education process of the students with this insurance. We will also bring health care service products into use of our clients extensively.  We will reach over 250 thousand (liras?)and will produce in balance in all branches by the end of 2015. Our production target of 200 million liras has reached 250 million liras; target agency number of 500 has reached 600 for the year of 2015. We have decreased traffic insurance rate to 60 percent because exceeding of the targets has happened in a controlled manner. Our main target for the year of 2016 is decreasing traffic insurance rate to 50 percent with our new products such as traffic plus insurances, education insurances, health care services policies, critical illnesses and collateral guarantees that we have added to our product range.” Kırmızı has also said that they will increase their paid-up capitals to 100 million liras in 2016.