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Standing out of the importance of agencies in insurance industry, Nihat Kırmızı, Chairman of Board of Doğa Insurance, stated that they will meet agencies in coming days in Antalya.

Nihat Kırmızı, Chairman of Board of Doğa Insurance, indicated that agencies are main production centers in insurance industry and announced that they will meet agencies around April 8-10 2016 in Antalya. Kırmızı: “We will meet our agencies in the meeting in April 8-10 and by evaluating sales, strategies and problems, we will give the opportunity to our agencies to have both meeting and rest.” 

Indicating that insurance is a very detailed and complicated job that needs a great deal of time, Nihat Kırmızı: “Nowadays, it is rather wrong to see insurance as marketing. Marketing is an activity appearing solely in sale. There are lots of scopes of insurance before marketing and the sole sale resource that have all the knowledge of all scopes are agencies. Along with this knowledge, the only Professional expert that works 7/24 without off-days and special days is an agency. You cannot call a Professional expert at 3 am except for insurance agencies.” Stating that agencies are the sole sale resource that brings insurance service to the clients and stands by their clients in both good and bad days, Kırmızı: “Agencies are bridges between companies and clients. They add surplus value by bringing new and permanent clients to insurance industry. Agencies are extremely important for Doğa Insurance. We are the only company that gets almost entire production from agencies only.”

Nihat Kırmızı stated that they will continue to stand by their agencies with six regional directorate and hundreds of employees. Kırmızı said that they will honestly and safely continue producing with their agencies. Kırmızı: “We have perspectives that try to meet all the insurance needs of our clients with our agencies. For Doğa Insurance, agencies are absolute must to our company. We have close and sincere communication like a family. We provide them to establish accessible and reliable profit centers in their regions. We are the only company that grows 10 times in a year thanks to our agencies. We will keep going with this perspective.”