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Doğa insurance explain that because of their sensitivity to the Islamic insurance launched Turkey's first ever participation by reaching out insurance sector which target insurance penetration upgrade.
Doğa Insurance whom a major player in the insurance sector, due to the sensitivity of the Islamic insurance launched Turkey's first explain its target as ever participation by reaching out insurance sector which insurance penetration upgrade. The company said in a statement, providing many facilities and privileges of the insured cooperative insurance and contribution of the sector with insurance products that aim to contribute to further growth, it has announced that it therefore included as one of the most preferred company in Turkey.
Insurance envisages the participation unfolded quickly Doğa Insurance Chairman Nihat Kırmızı has underlined that these products contribute to the volume of the insurance industry. Stating that the participation of the insurance structure similar to the cooperative insurance as of Kırmızı, especially with the Islamic insurance sector by providing secure solutions for their sensitivity to the distance standing audience understanding the trust we have built with our participation in the cooperative experience in insurance once more taken into service. In addition, he said that not only in Turkey, also all over the world begin to develop the participation of insurance. 

As a cooperative can be considered as one of the innovative work as indicating the start of the first insurance contribution Kırmızı said "who have made a contribution to make and have insurance with us or newly established companies. Followers insurance increases our participation will be strengthened even more, to reach out to a much wider audience, much more needs to be answered. In this sense, the participation of insurance industry estimated that they will fold, I think it is far beyond.”
Recalling that the Treasury not allow the insurance contribution is currently opening a separate window, Kırmızı said the industry may need to make some adjustments grows with increasing needs. Treasury said that did not necessarily work in this direction and add that the participation of insurance is still too new. Treasury said it would be an absolute or a variety of studies to be made according to the needs of the Undersecretariat.
Referring to the new education policy developed for the education sector, Nihat Kırmızı said,  in our globalized world, it was one of our most important training needs to the fore. Training will consist of an individual's financial future and needs to be done to ensure that they can be equipped to meet the spiritual needs saying that has become one of the most enduring investment.” 
Of course, educational activities in schools, parents and students come to the fore in 3 elements. One of the most important conditions for the successful results of these elements have different roles in the educational process also able to move on towards a common goal. Here we are deploying the Doğa Insurance factors as the fourth element in achieving this common goal, schools with policies appropriate to the needs that we have developed over the education of students and parents of students will make them look more secure future.”
Doğa Insurance Chairman Nihat Kırmızı said "Our work with the world's largest reinsurers of our insurance operations provide safe advantage. Insured when a new insurance company when making insurance as reinsurer behind Swiss-Re and Hannover-Re on the world's most powerful, such as reinsurers rely much more.”
Kırmızı add that, likewise Doğa Participation Insurance recognized for financial instruments and the world according to the sensitivity of accumulate funds under the roof in the evaluation with a strong re-takaful company was concluded by saying that we will start a new era in the insurance approach.