Doğa Insurance on Press > Kırmızı: ‘We are going to improved cross selling technics’/

Doğa Insurance’s CEO Nihat Kırmızı stated that, they aim on and increasing sales while improving cross selling technics. “Automobile or Personal Accident, when we sell a product, we also present our other products for our insured and trying to sell him a product that he didn’t buy before. 
Kırmızı mentioned company’s different branches’ production and particularly on personal accident, they are one of the third biggest company that sells. Cross selling is a n effective method to increasing.” Kırmızı identify some auto and traffic insurances too. Nihat Kırmızı stated that, they are collaborated with many syndicates, cooperation and private companies. “Last month, we insured 1 million member of 11 syndicates. We are in a hard working process in order to insured members relatives too.”
Kırmızı stated that premium increment on auto branch and particularly in traffic increased production substantially. He added “Herein, we facilitating insured’s work by way of enriching our auto and traffic products with supplementary coverage and assistant services. It doesn’t matter which product we sell as traffic, fire, personal accident, when we sell a product, we also present our other products for our insured and trying to sell him a product that he didn’t buy before. With a cross selling technic, we maintain our portfolio balanced.” 
Auto and traffic products are different from each other even they seems similar within the scope of auto branches. Nihat Kırmızı, “we can say that the sector while first half of this year away with talking on traffic. Traffic insurance is an compulsory product that each vehicle get and assures third parties, that means the opponent. In order to avoid a misunderstanding. In the course of accident, the opponent paid. However, if you don’t have a traffic policy, the price reflected on the driver. I this sense, insurance also cover the driver. But, the auto is the insurance model that completely cover its car. It contains assurances that possible occur anytime. The vehicle that has both auto and traffic insurances, never pay out of pocket except in the case of wilful default. I mean, it is bothersome to pay out of pocket while the opponent get paid in the case of accident. Auto become more of an issue in this case.” 
Kırmızı stated that, “Traffic insurance is something provided high assurances particularly for bodily injury. In traffic policies, for private vehicles, 310 thousand lira a pop and for any event 1 million and 550 thousand lira paid, that disencumbers insured from financial burden while cover the opponents’ damage. Billions of indemnities that paid by companies shows how important the insurance is. We can say that, the Increase in price stabilised. Perhaps it reduce during the next months, this reduction can not ben high as well as the increment.”
Doğa Insurance’s CEO Nihat Kırmızı indicated that, this year insurance and insurance business become a byword. “Increasing rate of traffic prices become a current issue, yet billions of indemnities and provided services, disencumbers insured and emphasized the importance of insurance. Kırmızı add that, “This agenda should go ahead with emphasising th importance of insurance. With public service announcements, Insurance Association Of Turkey and companies’ works of course improved consciousness of insurance more. Interactions with insured conduce towards in order to improve their cross selling abilities as well as consciousness of insurance. Working on economic developments also very supportive to improve this consciousness. Every passing
year increased the quality and the number of vehicles. Thereby, auto policies also increased. If the differences between traffic and auto insurances are explained well, the auto will be chosen one.”