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Kırmızı: “We have made major innovations in traffic insurance”

Nihat Kırmızı, Chairman of Board of Doğa Insurance, has said that collateral guarantees like personal accidents of some policies will cover damages of people who are in the car made accident. 

It has been pointed out that Doğa Insurance has started to present traffic insurance, which has been in agenda for price increase, by extending its guarantee (hard collateral) with various additional services. Informing that traffic insurance, which covers damage to the third parties, will cover some damages to the car of the insured, Kırmızı: “Some policies will cover damages happening to the person inside the car with the collateral guarantees such as personal accidents. We, as Doğa Insurance, have added ‘Doğa Insurance Mini Traffic Repair’ guarantee to our compulsory automobile liability insurance (traffic insurance) policies for for on-road vehicles. The insured owning policies will repair little damages to themselves and automobiles of third parties caused by them, by directing ‘Contractual Accident Report’.” 

Nihat Kırmızı has explained details of innovations in traffic as: 
“Paintless Dent Repair (PDR); is a technique and art of restorating vehicle body to its original condition preserving vehicle’s original form and without painting, from the damages caused by exterior knocks on the vehicle body component and can be done in cases that paint isn’t damaged and dents to 5 cm in diameter.

Dent Repair (DR); is a process in which crushes, dings and dents caused by exterior knocks on steel plate of vehicle body and in cases that paint is damaged and dents in 10 diameters, are restored to their original condition with technique called ‘Lathe Dent Pulling’. 

Paint Repair, (mini patch) (PR); is a repair in which small paint damages like abrasions, scratches in the doors, mud-guards and bumpers caused by good or bad intentional actions both in movement and stopping are repaired.

Interior-upholstery Repair(IR); is a maximum repair of cigarette burns, scratches, crackings and torns on components covered with plastic, leather, vinlex (a kind of artificial leather), fabric, carpet, velour without replacing parts and without being noticed.

Interior-upholstery damages covered by Doğa Mini Repair are interior-upholstery damages such as torns of plastic pieces until o 3 cm in diameter, scratches and cracks of leather and artificial leather, torns of fabric and carpet until o 5 cm in diameter, cigarette burns of leather, artificial leather, fabric and carpet until o 1 cm in diameter. 

Windshield Repair (WR), is a kind of maximum repair in which broke and cracked windshields, caused by exterior knocks such as stone bounces and flying object hits, are repaired with windshield (window?) repair system.

Plastic-bumper Repair (BR), is a repaired with a guarantee in which the bumper is completely changed as a result of slight and medium knocks in the plastic front and back bumpers and torns, scratches, cracks, deformations and missing of parts in both interior and exterior of the bumper.

Stain Removal (SR), is a process in which stains on materials, such as leather, artificial leather, upholstery fabrics and carpets in the seats, doors and roof components, are removed effectively with ‘Auto King Stain Removal System’.”