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Doğa Insurance Chairman Nihat Kırmızı said at the meeting with the agency that" Team spirit is our goal and our dedicated efforts in 2016. We believe that we will achieve success.”
Doğa Insurance held its first large agencies meeting in Antalya. 500 agents efficient participated in the meeting, Doğa Insurance’s past assessment and future objectives were presented. performs Doğa Insurance’s board chairman Nihat Kırmızı shared the solutions at opening speech of the meeting, for agents, the agents and sales channels, such as brokers emphasized the importance for Doğa insurance, problems faced by the agencies and share the solutions for these problems.
Kırmızı said, "Doğa insurance, particularly in the last quarter of 2013, operating in many sectors primarily education and which has proven itself as a leader in these sectors was established as a cooperative by one of the leading companies in Turkey. We started our activities by taking the necessary licenses by the Treasury General Directorate of Insurance in February 2014. We have also added to our health and the education policy in 2016. Our most important principles are had are being reliable, objective and fair "
Taking the necessary permits as of June 2015 started the takaful insurance, Kırmızı said that, one of the innovative work of starting for the first time participation as co-insurance could be considered. Nihat Kırmızı said the participation of insurance unfolded quickly, and add "this product because of Islamic sensitivities with the contribute to the volume of the insurance industry ever we aim to increase the insurance penetration reaching segments of insurance. The sector with the participation of insurance products we want to make a difference by contributing to the further growth.”
Kırmızı end his speech with following, “With our high team spirit  and dedicated works,  we believe that we are going to reach our goals in 2016. 
Doğa Insurance General Manager Burak Reis Ozen stating that he is a part of team since it’s began and from the Agust 2014 to today, he glad to be in this rising picture.

Özen: “For the moment, we have 780 agencies. By the end of the year, we expect this number to rise to 1250.  Our production target for this year is 600 million liras. However, I expect more from our agencies. We, as a team, will also do whatever we can to serve our agencies and clients better.” Özen also added that Doğa Insurance is among the top five companies in the industry in terms of information security.

Coşkun Gölpınar, Senior Vice Director of Doğa Insurance referred to the numerical data of Doğa Insurance and mentioned of high capacity, production in every branch, and rise of production by years and months. Gölpınar explained that they have a crucial share in production of branches like fire, personal accident and shipping in addition to auto (mobile).

At the end of the meeting, regional workshops were carried out. At the workshops, agencies expressed their contentedness and problems to the regional directors. Agencies also shared their closeness to Doğa Insurance and told company directors that thanks to the close communication, they quickly get feedback. They also shared their happiness with company directors for working with Doğa Insurance. Traditional Meeting of Agencies ended with photo shoot in open yard and gala dinner