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Nihat Kırmızı, CEO of Doğa Insurance, has pointed out that they have reached to 700 agencies in 2015 and that they aim to raise their agency numbers to 1000 by the end of 2016.

Evaluating insurance agencies in Turkey and sharing aims for 2016, Nihat Kırmızı, CEO of Doğa Insurance , has indicated that they aim to raise their agency numbers to 1000 by the end of the year. Kırmızı: “Doğa Insurance has reached 700 agencies in 2015. Adopting to work with bests as a principle, Doğa Insurance cooperates with the most powerful reinsurers. Making their agencies adopt being a cooperative company in detail, Doğa Insurance has also made cooperative insurance accepted through the industry and its customer satisfaction reached a level over/above (?) their expectations. The most distinctive feature of Doğa Insurance from cooperative insurance is its being open cooperative, which means anyone can buy a policy from Doğa Insurance and enjoy comfort of Doğa Insurance’s assurance without being cooperator (partner?) or member.”

Kırmızı has stated that despite being a new, two-years-old company, Doğa Insurance’s agencies are highly committed to it. Kırmızı has expressed their gratitude for it and added that they will announce new applications at the meeting in Antalya this month.  Kırmızı: “We want to help particularly small and medium size agencies to grow.  We have started to work with a bank on banc assurance and we are about to reach an agreement with two other banks. We expect to reach to 1000 agencies by the end of 2016. We also guarantee service through satisfaction both to our clients and to our agencies with our own call-center. With reinforcement to our executive board, we expect to raise our production in health care services an education services in addition to auto (mobile) in 2016. We carry on working in takaful insurance (Islamic insurance).  We plan to present launching and marketing of products of takaful insurance in digital platforms in a more integrated way and we carry on working on its infrastructure (?).” 


Stating that nowadays’ teenagers will be tomorrow’s businessmen, Kırmızı has emphasized that they follow digital platforms closely in order to be close to the new generations and to serve more. Kırmızı: “We know that we have to follow technological habits and technological adaptations of both Y and Z generations and new generations because along with evolving technology, every new service and/or product brings about new grounds in advertisement. That is why Doğa Insurance follows especially social media and other digital platforms and also technological trends closely and it also reinforce our team and infrastructure.  Unfortunately, there are not enough staff trained in every branch of insurance industry.  From experts to claims specialists and even to agency salesmen, there is a serious shortage of human resources. One of our short and medium term targets is to cooperate with universities and vocational high schools to be partners in a Project in order to meet this shortage of staff. Especially in establishing insurance vocational high school, we have brought this Project to a significant phase. We see this Project entirely as a social responsibility Project and we also know that we are doing a right thing.” 


Indicating that they are thigh-knit to the equality of opportunity, Kırmızı has emphasized that happiness of their employees is one of their priorities. Kırmızı: “By making our employees work in a healthy environment, we make our employees happy and that is one of our human resources policies.”

Talking about their intensely broadcasted advertisement, Nihat Kırmızı: “We serve in the insurance industry. The message of our advertisement is, in fact, very clear: ‘reliability’.  As a result of our research done with our clients and our agencies, we have realized that the name Doğa corresponds to trust in our community. Therefore we have thought that it is suitable to use ‘There is Trust in its Nature’ as our slogan (catchword?).  The feedbacks to our advertisement campaign are very well.  Our TV, radio and outdoor advertising is still going on actively. We have already started preparing our impressive advertisement with a different campaign by the end of 2016. It is a cliché saying but ‘Keep watching us!”