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Preparing to enter the market in the takaful insurance, Doğa Insurance is negotiating with foreign reinsurance companies.
Education, IT, within the Doğa Group continues to operate in many different sectors including health insurance, the elementary insurance in the month of May to start takaful, the first insurance activities in Islamic rules aim leadership planning in this area. Doğa Insurance Board President Nihat Kırmızı said in a interview for Reuters that, “they discuss from abroad is not a reinsurance company in the takaful insurance field of the world's leading reinsurance company Swiss Re as well as the Gulf and cooperation in takaful reinsurance companies from Malaysia and several techniques to conclude he said the details remained.”
‘Takaful’ insurance which means solidarity, in Islamic rules according to which insurance is better able to for joint stock companies rather than cooperative as Kırmızı stated that, "We are currently making traditional insurance cooperatives ... The infrastructure of the takaful insurance, prepared in May, as fully we are prepared. we have received the necessary permits as healing, though the Treasury. What did we get their views on where we should be doing. our goal is to produce a policy in May.”
Kırmızı said that, due to Turkey is one of sensitivity of the Islamic countries, "exactly 100 percent Muslim, even if ones not, many people living in Islamic countries 'cause I'm at risk when such insurance?' they may think.” Halal-Haram agree to see the concern in the community of an insurance system that eliminates and consequently also will bring important economic consequences of pointing to the red, "I believe it also will increase the insurance sector.”
We negotiating with reinsurance companies
Kırmızı stated that they would continue the traditional insurance, in 2015 "takaful" attached to the desired goals in the traditional insurance, they walked out of the joint-stock company. Kırmızı, "but we want to enlarge participation through cooperative insurance. Mainly from Malaysia and the Gulf, including Swiss Re negotiations have reached an advanced stage has been completed except for a few technical issues. Malaysia and did not provide information about which companies they met with the Gulf. Not only in Islamic countries, non-Muslim countries with the now traditional insurance in our reinsurance, our company Swiss Re and takaful insurance in the given oriented reassurances. Swiss We have also re meeting. Likewise Shariah Board called Islamic rules are appropriate advisory committees.”
Kırmızı added that, with regard to the target in the red takaful insurance, "we start in May, we plan to produce this year, 70,000 policies, which on average is equivalent to about 30 million pounds of premium production. We reach 250,000 insured in 2016 I think," he said. In this area, noted that aims to be the market leader in Turkey, in the field of takaful insurance market in Turkey until 2018, at least three or four companies had estimated would take. “Takaful" on insurance products was carried out in cooperation talks with the participation banks in Turkey.