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Doğa Insurance, as of June Participation Cooperative Insurance products under the structure of our country by removing the market 'Participation of insurance offered the first example of service.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Agriculture takaful emphasized at the opening of the Bank (Islamic Insurance) indicating the related work that they started much earlier Nature Insurance Chairman Nihat Red, in June as' Participation Insurance 'products under cooperative structure has to removing the country market' Participation Insurance 'the offer has announced that the first instance of the service.
Nihat Kırmızı, “Arabic origin 'bail' word is derived from 'takaful' to move one of the meaning of words, and the reviewed can insurance terminology as solidarity 'takaful of the' Islamic insurance stating as may be defined, "has long been of the Turkish insurance takaful on the agenda (participation) insurance, another Islamist with a name ready to meet insurance products to participants. from time to time by the competent institutions regarding the development of our insurance emerged in the research, the interest rate is an important part of Turkey we underline that it is very sensitive, do not prefer to take any insurance products outside of this group insurance is mandatory. we see even they make some compulsory insurance. Building upon this need roads in Turkey takaful (participation) have determined that there is a need in insurance. completed our preparations in this regard are ordered Islamic solidarity, there are different views about the outlook insurance under Islamic thought. an appropriate assurance, insurance religious terms According to some experts the middleman; if some experts do not share this idea. However, as the point where our time, from the perspective of Islamic insurance manifests itself in almost every aspect of our lives, there are certainly useful to reconsider the concerns of halal-haram.”
All agencies lean towards takaful. Doğa Insurance Chairman Nihat Kırmızı said "Agents can buy the product, the range of products in the industry is very clear, insurance who could not get people to show interest, insurance except compulsory insurance, they think that showed interest in the sectors not exposed at all. At the same time our was also our extensive research, we have conducted research in countries in which this insurance, we look at the development process in our country and we think that the development in a positive direction. the data will be taken from the course, the field is very important to have done research in this direction, because the response of the field is very important. a person with Islamic sensitivities required is doing the traffic insurance but it does not insure your house, you can not insure the workplace. will try to make the other policyholders with Tekaful. in the health branch we have 2016-faceted plan. this year we have only elementary branches. Personal Retirement Insurance is going to be a space where we can think about after 2016.”
Nihat Kırmızı stressed that 50-50 per cent of the portfolio balance and add "We try to pay within one week of our pay in damages. In particular vessel, in. Box US We also have cash. We have a problem in this direction. We have contacts with many banks in bancassurance side. Especially takaful participation pending banks and the banks hand we are stuck. If we get the attention we expect Turkey will come to light in a plan to open up to our subconscious countries in the region. we seem appropriate to already sense of participation, such as public and structure we Cooperative. us, can we have our members all policy areas or partner. Preferences those who can participate participation fund. our field of participation in our analysis of the sector (the insured), they expressed that they were very satisfied. It makes us happy. takaful they're looking very warm. We did not want to do that, this year too the primary Produce'm very make money I, agency not too let 10 years after we act. our biggest wish was to get a place in the sector. We're paying all damage at time in our pocket, and we had no problems in this direction so far. There is a great confidence in our brand perception. We renew ourselves to follow the sector in the world. We thought we had a good system, but we say we need to strengthen it.”
'Participation insurance Insurance sector grew Doğa Insurance Chairman Nihat Kırmızı highlight "When the Islamic countries said as much compared to other developed countries over the past 20 years of economic times and noted that the increase, in the case of the economy, insurance would follow the same rate of growth. For example, Malaysia economy has improved a lot but stayed in insurance penetration rate is low. I believe that in our country we have a good side, we are a country become more integrated to benefit from the insurance contribution into it on the floor if the industry and will expand will improve the industry. of course we will only stay, we will be the first we though 2018 up to think it would be a company that will do at least 2-3 participation in insurance. It's not going to lose us anything. This will expand further our sector. be to insure that people with a sensitivity will reflect very positively to the insurance industry.”