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Doğa Insurance Cooperative Chairman Nihat Kırmızı, "We have received verbal permission from the Treasury, their views and be composed of people who rely on the fatwa committee we set up our diploma. We will start at the latest in June takaful.”
It has long been on the agenda of the Turkish insurance but somehow not implemented takaful (participation) is preparing to meet with participants in the insurance products soon. Doğa Insurance Cooperative effort to be the first company to remove such insurance products to the market. Doğa Insurance Cooperative Chairman Nihat Kırmızı underlining that in their research are very sensitive to interest an important part of Turkey, "except for interest-sensitive insurance sector which must not in contact with any insurance product. In fact, we see that they also make some compulsory insurance. Taking a necessity in this way Turkey takaful (participation) would like to be the first company that will do the insurance. We have completed our work on this subject and will later start cutting policy in June, and we expect to meet with great interest.”
Doğa Insurance Cooperative Chairman Nihat Kırmızı said that, “expectations for the Turkish insurance business and shared with the targeted Doğa Insurance melt the WORLD. Kırmızı ndicates that the takaful insurance is the most important goal, "Here everyone is that they participated in the insurance, as well as cooperative members and partner is going to continue as long as the insurance," 
There are a eager zone whom waiting 
The products in question are the issues we asked how they conducted a study, Kırmızı underlining that they met with agency recently said: "Almost all of our takaful agency is looking very hot. Products can buy, the range of products in the industry is very clear, people that have shown interest in taking out insurance, compulsory insurance, they think outside the insurance sector has shown interest to come into contact at all. At the same time we also had some intensive research, we have conducted research in countries in which this insurance, we look at the development process of the development of our country and we think it would be in a positive direction. The data will be taken from the field is very important, of course, we have done research in this direction, because the court's response is very important. There are a eager zone whom waiting.”
They consider entering the takaful industry element, Kırmızı said "it will not be too much of an impact into the compulsory insurance. A person with Islamic sensitivities of doing the compulsory motor insurance but it does not insure that the house does not insure the workplace. In 2016 we are planning in health insurance. Personal Retirement Insurance is an area which can be thought after 2016.”
2-3 more companies begin until 2018
When it comes to Islamic countries pointed out that the economy of the last 20 years increased by times as much compared to other developed countries Nihat Kırmızı, while the same proportion said that growth in the economy comes to insurance. "Because there are sensitivities in" the red words continued as follows: "For example, the Malaysian economy was much improved but remained in insurance penetration rate is low. I believe that in our country we have a good side, we are a country become more integrated in the floor of the insurance sector will benefit from participation in this sector will develop and will expand. We of course will only stay, but until 2018 will be the first we think it will be at least 2-3 participation in insurance companies. It will not be us nothing to lose. This will further enlarge our sector. People with a sensitivity that will insure the insurance sector will be reflected very positively.”
From Nihat Kırmızı, 
We try to pay our payment for damages in a week. The vessel especially. We have cash in our  case. We have no problem in that matter. 
We have contacts with many banks in bancassurance side. In particular, participation banks and takaful waiting almost a bank as we shook hands.
Each year, as our goal is to have 250 thousand new partners. After the beginning, we decided to focus on participation Insurance. We do not regret our company is going in a very good way.
Cooperative seem like we're already open to the public. If we reconstitute our company as Inc., maybe we have a plan to go public.
Treasury brings us said they were very satisfied with us. This makes us happy. They are guaranteed to lean towards. 
We are not saying that, this year let’s win a lot of money and take care the company. We are moving as we think what will happen 10 years later.
We have almost 300 agents. They understand w are not a company that fleeting. Every day we see more interest from agencies.