Home and Business Insurances

Home and Business Insurances

Fire insurance is a type of insurance that protects your property and assets against risks such as fire, explosion, lightning, hail, and many others. Fire insurance varies depending on the coverage of the policy and the risks it safeguards against.

SME (KOBI) Package Insurance Policy

A Policy which provides full guarantee for your responsibilities for your customers and employees and protects your business by preventing the increase in financial losses due to interruption of business in the event of damages.

Doğa Residential Package Insurance Policy

It covers your belongings against many risks ranging from fire to flood, earthquake to theft through residential policies at reasonable prices which both tenants, and landlords can benefit.

Household Package Policy

It covers your household goods against various risks ranging from earthquake to theft, and through the most affordable residential policy which particularly tenants and landlords can benefit.

Loss of Profit Policy

This policy covers the diminished profits and continuing fixed expenditures if your company stops or slows down its operations due damages caused by fire or additional coverages.

Floating Fire Policy

A type of insurance which you can prefer when the amount/volume of goods and commodities in your warehouse or workplace is likely to fluctuate during the term of the insurance which is included in the general conditions of fire insurance.

Fire Liability Insurance

Fire in insured premises protected by fire insurance can also damage third party properties. Such damages can have insurance coverage according to the following principles.

Gas Station Package Policy

Provides full protection for your filling station (petrol station) and contents, fixtures and fittings inside the filling station against damage and risk to secure you and your work.

Common Area Insurance Package

Insures common areas in buildings or housing developments against a wide range of risks depending on the coverage of the insurance.

Package for Hotels

This insurance protects your hotel building and your furniture and fixtures against sudden risks covered by your policy.


Secure your home through DASK (compulsory earthquake insurance) which is made obligatory by Natural Disaster Insurance Authority, and covers material damages on residences induced by earthquakes.