Personal accident insurance provides coverage for following risks posed by sudden and unexpected accidents.

  • Death
  • Permanent Disability
  • Daily Indemnity
  • Treatment Expenses
  • Earthquake

Below cases shall not be considered accident:

  • Diseases and resulting disease related cases,
  • Try and attempt to suicide whatever the mental or psychological state is.
  • Use of narcotic drug, alcohol, pills and harmful substances.

Below cases are excluded from coverage:

  • War, revolution, riot, uprising and resulting chaos,
  • Committed and attempted murder and crimes,
  • Joining strikes, labor movements and public movements,
  • Insured consciously puts themselves at risk.

Unless contracted otherwise, following shall be excluded from the insurance:

  • Riding motorbike and moped,
  • Offshore fishery and hunting in high mountains,
  • Sports competition and races,
  • Earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption and land slide.

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