How to benefit Right Choice Supplementary Health Insurance?

  • Insured visits a private hospital contracted with SGK,
  • Physician administering treatment at hospital contracted with SGK, is also contracted with SGK,
  • Hospital contracted with SGK, is contracted with Doğa Sigorta for the department where the insured is to receive treatment,
  • Disorder, for which the treatment is requested, complies with special terms of Doğru Adım Supplementary Health Insurance, and general terms of health insurance.
  • Fast and quality health services at lower premium costs,
  • Large spectrum of contracted providers,
  • Doğa Sigorta assurance for health expenditures,
  • Renewal warranty,
  • Fast handling of customer complaints,
  • Customer oriented approach,
  • Quality service principle,

When you or your family face unexpected health problems, Doğa Sigorta Supplementary Health Insurance covers price gaps charged by private hospitals contracted with both SGK, and Doğa Sigorta, through premiums suiting your budget.

Doğa Sigorta Supplementary Health Insurance Plans;

Doğa Sigorta Supplementary Health Insurance Coverage;

Inpatient Treatment Coverage; price gaps originating from inpatient treatment are covered 100% according to Special Terms of Doğa Sigorta Supplementary Health Insurance, and General Terms of Health Insurance.

  • Medical and Surgical Hospitalization,
  • Intensive Care,
  • Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Dialysis,
  • Small Surgical Intervention,
  • Room/Meal/Attendant,
  • Artificial (man-made) Limb (TL 30,000 Annually)
  • Contracted Land Ambulance,
  • Auxiliary Medical Material (TL 1,000 Annually)
  • Inpatient Treatment Surgical Material (TL 10,000 Annually)

Outpatient Treatment Coverage; Depending on the plan you choose, 6 or 8 outpatient treatments are provided per insurant.

  • Examination by Physician,
  • For tests/x-rays
  • Advanced Examination Methods,
  • Physiotherapy,


* If you desire your product “not to be valid at SGK contracted providers only,” thanks to optional rider “A+Inpatient Treatment Coverage,” our insured beneficiaries are welcomed at all contracted providers where conventional health insurance is valid, regardless of SGK. The coverage providing exemption of TL 10,000 annually, may be benefited in compliance with the terms specified in the policy.

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