This policy provides coverage for the insured up to the amounts set in this policy against the following situations caused by an incident during the effective period of this insurance in accordance with the applicable Turkish laws on liability;

  • Death, injury or impaired health of third party persons,
  • Provides coverage up to the amounts set forth in this policy against claims of third parties damages and losses caused by the Insured on third parties' properties according to the capacity, activities and legal relationships described in the insurance policy and in accordance with the Turkish legislations on third party liabilities.

Extra Coverage with Supplementary Policy

  • Liabilities arising from damages and losses of third parties caused by elevators or lifts in the real properties described in the policy if the insured is the real property or business owner,
  • Liabilities of hotelkeepers pursuant to the articles no 478, 479, and 480 of the Turkish Code of obligations concerning personal belongings of passengers and animals and trusted transport vehicles,
  • Liabilities arising from damages caused by floods, avalanches, landslides, fires, smoke,

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