Natural and legal persons who operate underground and above ground coal mining operations, and underground mining for minerals other than coal must take out insurance against occupational accidents for the employees employed in the production and production preparation activities.

Note: Inhalation of sudden and unexpected gases, burns and injury to muscles and nerves, sprains and fractures during work are also accepted as occupational accidents.


  • Accidental Death Cover

With this insurance coverage, if the insured person dies within 2 years after the accident happens, the insurance company will pay out the beneficiaries the amount of money specified in the policy.

  • Permanent Disability Coverage

If the accident under coverage causes permanent disability within 2 years following the accident, payments concerning medical treatments will be made to the insured.

The following is not covered by the insurance

  • War and warfare,
  • Strikes, labor movements and fights,
  • Risks in fire, flooding which are not caused by natural events such as storms, hail, rain,
  • Crime and criminal attempt,
  • Accidents caused by the insured person knowingly putting himself/herself in danger,

Insurance Coverage Start Date and End Date

Unless otherwise agreed in the policy, insurance coverage starts at 12:00 noon Turkish Time and ends at 12:00 noon Turkish time.


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