Natural Assistance Personal Accident Insurance

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What is Natural Assistance Personal Accident Insurance?

It covers potential incidents that may be faced by the insured.

Insurance Coverages

ATM Coverage

Covers cash losses incurred by the incidents insured went through during or after transactions made on ATM. It covers the losses incurred by insurant’s exposure to seizure such as theft when drawing cash; or forced cash withdrawal or ATM forgery with mechanical setup; or forced purchase.

Plan A- Emergency Dental Treatment Coverage Support 7/24

It covers temporary medical intervention necessary to bring patient in stable condition by eliminating pain or health risks in case of dental emergencies, which originate from medical incidents or accident, and require immediate treatment.

    It covers fillings used in traumatic tooth fractures.
    Operations related to wisdom teeth with or without bone retention are excluded.
    Canal extirpations (pulp extirpartion) is covered in case of vital tooth only. Teeth with chronic infection (due to previous disease) are excluded.

Death Coverage

In case insured is deceased immediately upon or within one year following an accident compliant to policy terms, claim shall be paid to beneficiary specified in the policy or to lawful heirs of the insured.

Permanent Disability Coverage

In case insured becomes permanently disabled immediately upon or within two years following an accident compliant to policy terms, permanent disability claim shall be paid after medical treatment and detection of permanent disability, as per the rates listed in Personal Accident Insurance Terms.

Critical Illnesses Coverage

In case insured suffers from or diagnosed with either of Critical Illnesses described hereunder during the policy term, they shall earn cash payment as subject to limit of policy they purchased (provided that illness and/or its symptoms and/or treatment are not existent before the policy effective date).

  • Heart Attack
  • Coronary Artery Surgery
  • Critical Organ Transplantation
  • Paraplegia
  • Blindness
  • Multiple Sclerosis