Accident Report

Accident Report

Today, with the increasing population the number of vehicles in traffic has also increased. This has made traffic accidents which happen almost every day inevitable. An accident has adverse consequences not only on victims but also on those who are not involved in the accident but have to wait for hours in traffic because of the accident. Waiting for traffic police for a long time and the rule that vehicles must not be moved before the traffic police arrives etc. negatively affect traffic flow. To eliminate all the problems mentioned above the provisions in the article 81 of the Turkish Highway Code no 2918 dated 1983 were revised according to the today's changing conditions. Based on the Circular no 2007/27 of the Undersecretariat of Treasury, a procedure was developed which gives the parties involved in an accident a right to settle without involving the police in traffic accidents with only material damage. According to this procedure, starting from April 1, 2008 people who are involved in an accident, together may draft a Driver's Accident Report Form which will be used as the "Official Traffic Accident Report" provided that they comply with the Traffic Code.

What is a "Driver's Accident Report Form"?

Parties who are involved in a traffic accident with only material damage can arrange a settlement without asking for the traffic police and fill out a "Driver's Accident Report Form" and apply to their insurance companies with this form.

When is a "Driver's Accident Report Form" not valid?

If one of more of the following conditions are present, parties are not allowed to have a settlement by filling out a "Driver's Accident Report Form" and therefore the form will not be accepted by our company. Therefore in the following conditions, Traffic Police should be called just like in the conventional procedure and the report should be written by the police. Otherwise the Driver's Accident Report Form can only be used for accidents with material damage.

Conditions in which Driver's Accident Report Form is not valid;

  • If the driver does not have a valid driver's license or if the driver's license class is not suitable for the vehicle involved in the accident,

  • The driver does not meet the age criteria,

  • The driver is suspected of being intoxicated or legally insane,

  • One or more of the vehicles involved in the accident belong to public bodies,

  • Damage to public properties,

  • Only personal property of a 3rd party is damaged,

  • One or more of the vehicles involved in the accident do not have Motor Third Party Liability insurance,

  • The traffic accident causes death and/or injury,

In addition to the above, if the parties of an accident cannot have an agreement, the traffic police should be called and the report should be prepared by the police.

How can you obtain the report form?

You can have the form from the agency issuing your policy or by clicking on the link "Doğa Insurance Report Form".

Considerations when filling out a "Driver's Accident Report Form";

  • Photos from different angles which show the vehicles in the accident scene, without moving the vehicles should be taken. Photocopies of vehicle registration certificates and driver licenses should be obtained.

  • Only the parties who are involved in the accident are authorized to fill out the report form. However they do not have to be the registration certificate holders. Drivers who are involved in the accident can fill out the report form.

  • All parties involved in the accident should have wet ink signatures on the form. Even if the form is reproduced, copies of the form should have wet ink signatures. If the signature of any of the drivers involved in the accident is missing, the report form will be deemed invalid.

  • The explanations on the form should be read carefully and the form should be filled out according to these explanations.

  • Especially third party liability insurance policy numbers and insurance companies of all vehicles involved in the accident should be written on the form. If the policy cannot be identified since no number has been given, the report form will be deemed invalid.

  • In order not to have any problems in determining percentage of fault and in other investigations, the description of the accident should be give clearly and a diagram of the accident should be drawn.

  • Please make sure that your handwriting is eligible when filling out the form. Remember this procedure applies only to accidents with material damage.

How will you send the report form to our company?

You can have your vehicle repaired at partner repair shops in our network and give your report form to the authorized person in the shop and they will complete the procedure. You can see our partner/network repair shops on our web site.

The actions to be taken by our company after the report form is submitted:

  • The information in the report form is entered in Tramer system within 1 day of receipt of the form.

  • Tramer will send the report form to the relevant companies and the relevant companies will determine the percentages of fault within 3 days and if the companies cannot agree on the percentages of fault, the commission in Tramer will give a decision within 3 days. The percentages of faults will be given as 0%, 50% and 100% and other percentages will not be used.

  • Beneficiaries can follow the report form evaluation process and the results on Tramer's website (

  • Damages will be determined within 8 days after the percentages of fault are set and all necessary documents become available. If you have any questions or concerns about the procedure you can contact our agencies or our Damage Contact Center at 0850 250 81 81. We sincerely hope that you will never have to use it and remind you to keep the Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form in your car at all times.