Other Insurances

The category of other insurances includes insurances tailored to specific needs or industry-specific requirements. You can access various insurance types such as Agricultural Insurance, Surety Insurance, Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance for Mining Workers, Employer's Liability Insurance, Education Personal Accident Insurance, and many other types.

Compulsory Passenger Land Transportation Personal Accident Insurance

This policy insure passengers, drivers and assistant drivers travelling interprovincial and internationally.

Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance for Miners

Natural and legal persons who operate underground and above ground coal mining operations, and underground mining for minerals other than coal must take out insurance against occupational accidents for the employees employed in the production and production preparation activities.

Third Party Liability Insurance

This policy provides coverage for the insured up to the amounts set in this policy against loss and damage caused by an incident during the effective period of this insurance.

Employer's Liability Insurance

The compensations to be requested from the employer for occupational accidents occurring at the workplace are covered up to the amounts stated in the policy.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance provides coverage for following risks posed by sudden and unexpected accidents.

Natural Assistance Personal Accident Insurance

It covers potential incidents that may be faced by the insured.

Trust Personal Accident Insurance

In case of insured’s decease or permanent disability in an accident, all annual education, school bus, and meal expenses of the student enrolled in the policy are covered up to the maximum amount specified the policy, and pursuant to General Terms of Personal Accident Insurance.

State-Sponsored Agricultural Insurance

You can have insurance coverage for your crops, greenhouses and animals with subsidized agricultural insurances.