This insurance covers damages to machines and facilities whose production years, specifications and values are shown in the policy during normal operation or cleaning, revision or replacement activities for any sudden and unforeseeable reason after the trial period.

Insurance Coverage

  • Operational accidents,
  • Lubricant problems,
  • Defective model, manufacture, assembly, material, molding, cast and workmanship,
  • Blockage and ingress of foreign objects,
  • Water hammer, sudden cooling and heating,
  • Negligence, fault, mistake, carelessness of or sabotage by employees or third persons,

Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, the following is not covered by the insurance

  • Loss and damage on the bases and mounts of machinery and facilities due to reasons covered by the insurance,
  • All damages caused by strike, lockout, and commotion and any military or disciplinary actions taken as a result of these,
  • All damages caused by all kinds of environmental pollution happened directly or indirectly as results of the risks covered by the insurance.

Situations Which are not Covered

  • Fire and effects of fire extinguishing, rescue and demolition activities,
  • Burglary and attempt of burglary,
  • Land subsidence and landslide, flooding
  • Damages caused by wear, tear and corrosion, scaling, calcification as a result of normal operation of the machinery
  • Damages caused by war, warfare, combat and fight, revolution, uprising and revolt,

Optional Coverage:

  • Physical explosion
  • Bases and mounts of machinery and facilities
  • Costs of transportation done with fast vehicles
  • Mobile Machinery Comprehensive Motor Insurance Clause
  • Strike, Lockout, Riot, Civil Commotions and Malicious Damage and Terror Clause
  • Theft

Insurance Cost

The sum insured for the machinery and facilities included in the attached inventory spreadsheet will be equal to their replacement values. If the value of the machinery when it is damaged is higher than the sum insured for replacement then the difference will be paid by the insured/policy holder.

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