Employer's Liability Insurance

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What is Employer's Liability Insurance?

The compensations to be requested from the employer for occupational accidents occurring at the workplace are covered up to the amounts stated in the policy.

This policy covers compensation claims from the employer by the employees working under a contract with the employer who are also subject to the Social Insurance Law, or by their beneficiariesdue to the legal liability incumbent upon the employer as a result of occupational accidents which may occur at the workplacewhich are above and outside the benefits provided by the Social Insurance Institute, and the compensation to be paid by the same Institute as a result of lawsuits for recourse to be filed against the employer due to occupational accidents up to the amounts specified in the policy.

The insurer is obligated to pay the court expenses to be decided upon and lawyers’ fees in the event a lawsuit is filed regarding this insurance. If the compensation to be ruled by the court exceeds the sum insured, the insurer will participate in the court expenses including the lawyers’ fees at the rate of the sum insured.

Beginning and End of Insurance

The insurance starts at 12:00 at noon and ends at 12:00 at noon according to Türkiye time unless decided otherwise on such days as prescribed to be the starting and ending dates in the policy.

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Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, the following is not covered by the insurance

Accidents which may occur when the employees are transported to and from the work-site with a vehicle provided by the employers

Accidents which may occur when the employees are sent to another location by the employer for business and when the employee is not doing his/her actual work

Occupational accidents which occur outside the borders of the Republic of Türkiyes

Compensation claims based on occupational illness

Claims of non-pecuniary damages

Situations Which are not Covered

Compensation claims based on incidents where the insured is purposefully caused to fall down from height or accidents which are caused purposefully,

All losses caused by war, combating (whether war is declared or not), civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection and military and disciplinary forces necessitated by these events,

All damage caused by acts of terror, and operations by authorities to prevent or mitigate the effects of the sabotage arising from such acts,