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Doğa Sigorta, whose foundations were laid in 2013, started its insurance operations after receiving insurance license from the Republic of Türkiye, Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of Treasury on 18 February 2014.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Insurance Law No. 5.684 dated 3 June 2007, Doğa Sigorta operates in all non-life branches (i.e. Fire, Transportation, Accident, Engineering, Agriculture, Legal Protection, Personal Accident, Health, Liability, Loans).

It offers the highest quality services to its insured with 1.850 professional agencies, brokers, bancassurance channels, wide service network, and assistance services.

Since the beginning, Doğa Sigorta has been sharing its risks with the most powerful reinsurance companies in the world such as Swiss Re, Scor Re, Milli Re, GIC, Hannover Re ,Arch Re, MS Amlin Re and Axis Re, minimizing its risks and gaining a significant position in both national and international insurance sector.

With its strong financial structure, high level of technological adaptation, the benefits it provides to the society through social responsibility projects, its accessibility, innovative approach, and adherence to ethical values and promises, Doğa Sigorta is one of the most trusted national companies in the Turkish insurance industry.

Takaful insurance was not very popular in our country in 2015. Having studied its applications in Türkiye and abroad, our Company completed its infrastructure and started its operations in June, 2015 in this area.

In order to popularize takaful insurance, applications around the world were examined, and the window model takaful insurance was applied by Doğa Sigorta, which was a first in the industry.

With its experienced management staff, its “Trust is in Our Nature” slogan, its premium production, and its service quality, Doğa Sigorta became one of the Top 10 companies in the sector.


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