Our Products

Motor Insurances

With "Auto Insurance" plans, you protect yourself and your vehicle against potential damages. With "Compulsory Traffic Insurance" you cover the damages and losses suffered by the other party in case of a traffic accident; and with "Green Card Insurance," you secure damages that may occur during your international travels.

Home and Business Insurances

Fire insurance is a type of insurance that protects your property and assets against risks such as fire, explosion, lightning, hail, and many others. Fire insurance varies depending on the coverage of the policy and the risks it safeguards against.

Health and Travel Insurances

Doğa Sigorta offers "Supplementary Health Insurance" for individuals who prioritize their health and "Travel Health Insurances" for those who want to travel safely. Foreign nationals can also feel secure by obtaining the "Orange Health Insurance" tailored for them. feel safe by taking out "Orange Health Insurance" special for foreign nationals.

Transportation Insurances

Goods transported via transport vehicles; If it is damaged due to a negative event, the grievance will be compensated within the scope of the guarantees included in the policy. Doğa Sigorta offers different types of transportation insurance for both domestic and international transportation, which you can choose according to your needs.

Engineering Insurances

Engineering insurances provide protection against risks related to engineering processes such as construction projects, electronic devices, machinery, equipment, and montaj Ear (erection all risk). Various products are available to cater to your needs.

Other Insurances

The category of other insurances includes insurances tailored to specific needs or industry-specific requirements. You can access various insurance types such as Agricultural Insurance, Surety Insurance, Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance for Mining Workers, Employer's Liability Insurance, Education Personal Accident Insurance, and many other types.