Construction Insurance

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What is Construction Insurance?

The values which constitute the subject of the insurance guarantee the state of loss and damage which may occur during the construction period due to reasons that are not known beforehand.

Values which constitute the subject of the insurance insure the state of loss and damage which occur for a reason which is not known before and which may occur suddenly during the construction period while they are in the construction area during the coverage period in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Construction Insurance and Munich Re clauses.

Determination of the Insurance Compensation

The insurance compensation of the project stated in the policy must have the same value as the final project that will be created by the end of the project. The insurance compensation is calculated considering the current prices in the year where the tender is announced, and it shall not be lower than the contract price.

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Optional Coverage

Construction Equipment

Construction Area and Sheds

Expanded Maintenance

Debris Removal


Strike, Lockout, Riot, Civil Commotions and Malicious Damage and Terror Clause

Third Party Liability

Values outside the Coverage

Wear and tear and depreciation

Inventory Deficits

All air and land transport vehicles and water vehicles related to the construction,

Damage to the insured property caused by plan, project and calculation errors,

All consequential damages like loss of profit or aesthetic faults including the damages caused by construction delay, partial or complete stoppage of construction, or failure to complete the commitment,

Damages caused by defective material or workmanship.