Freight Forwarder's Liability Insurance (FFL)

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What is Freight Forwarder's Liability Insurance (FFL)?

Provides coverage for the liabilities of freight forwarder companies under international conventions.

Freight Forwarders which are accepted as the main suppliers of today's logistics sector is the first to deal with all kinds of justified or unjustified claims related with damages during Land, Sea, air and railway transportation and connected storage operations as a result of freight forwarding agreement they make and international conventions which they are a party to.

Therefore all Freight Forwarders which do not take out Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance (FFL) can be subject to all kinds of claims resulting from damages to loads or delivery of loads to wrong destinations. Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance (FFL) pays out for justified claims according to the conditions of the relevant insurance policy while protecting the insured against unjustified claims.

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