Environmental Policy

Improvement of Performance

We have been consistently monitoring, and optimizing environmental measures for improvement of environmental performance, and enhancement of environment protection.

Reducing and Preventing Emissions

We act in a manner to reduce and prevent emissions wherever it is possible (business trip, water, energy, paper and the waste). We ensure setting of technical standards at reasonable costs. We stick to environmental principles when choosing suppliers, material and service providers.

Raising of Employee Awareness

We have been continuously motivating our employees to protect environment by raising their environmental awareness and developing their sense of responsibility.

Communication with Stakeholders

We have been regularly informing, and establishing open communication with our stakeholders regarding environmental performance, and environmental activities. We share information about environmental issues, and raise awaireness wherever appropriate. To that end, we announce our Environment Policy on our website. Consequently, we have been promoting environment protection culture.

For sure, we always comply with national and international legislation on environment protection.