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Doğa Sigorta launched its new mobile application which offers numerous services from claim monitoring to policy issuance anytime anywhere.

  • After client login, the users can quickly access the policies which are in force and/or which matured.
  • The users can choose the policy they want and view the policy details, coverage and payment information.
  • The application which allows the online monitoring of claims also enables the clients to send the missing documents to Doğa Sigorta online which were not sent during the accident. This will accelerate the claim transactions.
  • The application also offers convenience in DASK policies. The clients can renew their existing DASK policies by entering their policy numbers. If no prior policy exists, they can purchase a new one by entering their address, square meter information, and the construction year of the building.
  • By entering the required information, the users can purchase motor own damage, motor third party liability and travel health policy in a few easy steps, and can carry out transactions over the system through the agency which arranged the policy in the past.
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