What is Travel Health Insurance?

Have peace of mind with the extensive coverage from Doğa Insurance for injuries caused by an accident or for medical conditions that are not pre-existing during your travels abroad.

Travel Health Insurance is a special type of insurance which protects Turkish travelers against health risks they may encounter during their travel in foreign countries and foreign travelers during their travel in Türkiye using any means of transportation.

In the event that the Insured has an accident or a medical condition which is not pre-existing happens

Cancelation of Policy

When the insured does not travel as planned, the Insured can cancel the insurance policy and receive the insurance premium back from the Insurer provided that the Insured informs the Insurer the latest 24 hours before the policy start date and returns the policy to the Insurance company.

Minimum Coverage

  • Medical treatment coverage for emergency / unexpected illnesses and diseases,

  • Transport of the insured to the nearest healthcare institution,

  • Transport of the insured to his/her residential address after being discharged,

  • Transport of deceased insured.

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Advantages of Travel Health Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage
During your international travels, you are covered for potential risks up to 30,000 Euros for Schengen countries and Worldwide.

Transfer and Accommodation
For the insured's medical-related travel or extension of stay and the travel and accommodation of a family member due to the insured's treatment, they are covered within the specified limits.

Baggage Loss and Delayed Baggage
With nature insurance, the retrieval and delivery of lost baggage are unlimited, and delayed baggage up to 12 hours is covered within the specified limits.

Online Purchase Option
At any time you need, you can quickly and easily obtain Travel Health Insurance by filling out a minimal number of fields.

24/7 Assistance
In case of emergencies, the assistance company number that should be contacted first is stated on the policy, and assistance is available 24/7.

Travel Health Insurance
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Policy Application

Travel health insurance must be purchased before the trip begins. Once your travel starts, the insurance you purchase is no longer valid and damage claims are not covered by the insurance company.

Insurance Age

Anyone between the ages of 0-80 can benefit from Travel Health Insurance. Children aged 0-6 must travel with their parents.

Comprehensive Coverages

With Travel Health Insurance, you are covered up to 30,000 Euros against possible risks and diseases abroad.

Policy Scope

Travel Health policies are issued for travel abroad within the scope of touristic or business trips that do not exceed 90 days; Guarantee is not provided for long-term residences or stays abroad for work purposes.