Information Policy

1. Purpose

Our company’s disclosure policy was developed in compliance with Insurance Law no 5684, and related regulations; provisions of Turkish Code of Commerce; and Corporate Governance Compliance report, which was prepared as per the notice placed by Turkish Republic Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of Treasury, and was approved by our company’s board of management. Information policy is intended to present past performance; future strategies; and developments regarding the objective and vision of the company, to shareholders, investors, and beneficiaries in a timely, accurately, intelligible, fast and easily accessible manner.

2. Authority and Responsibility

Board of Management is authorized to and responsible for public disclosure, as well as implementation, and development of, and adherence to information policy. Managers responsible for financial management and reporting are charged with supervision and execution of disclosure.

3. Public Disclosure Principles and Means

3.1. Special Circumstances Disclosure

Information, which may influence investment decisions of investors, shall be declared to public as soon as it is generated or obtained.

3.2. Public Disclosure of Financial Statements

Financial statements and reports shall be issued pursuant to regulations of T.R. Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of Treasury. Annual and interim independent audit reports shall be uploaded within statutory period to Insurance Business Surveillance System Portal of T.R. Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of Treasury; and then shall be published on our website.

3.3. Activity Report

Company’s Activity Report, which was prepared pursuant to International Standards, Insurance Legislation, and Principles of Corporate Governance; and which was approved by the Board, contains information about the company; insurance industry; developments of the last activity year in Türkiye’s and the world economy; management and corporate management practices as well as financial information. Activity Report approved by Management Board shall be published on our company’s website.

3.4. Corporate Website

Corporate website of our company can be accessed through Comprehensive information about our company is provided under the tab “Corporate” on the website. Information about partnership structure, trade registry, articles of incorporation, list of board members, periodical financial statements, footnotes, activity reports, special circumstances disclosure, and agenda of the compay’s general assembly are made public through the website.

3.5. Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, Official Gazette and Daily Gazettes

Annoucements relating to company’s General Assembly and amendments on Articles of Incorporation are made through both Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, and daily gazettes circulated around Türkiye.

3.6. Procedural Rules Relating to News Published by Media Organs

News published by national media organs regarding insurance industry, as well as our company are followed on a daily basis, and reported to managers. Explanations shall be made regarding accuracy or integrity of media news, which are produced by those unauthorized to represent the company, and which may influence the decisions of investors. Whereas making any explanations in case of rumors, and unfounded news is not obligatory, necessary explanations shall be made whenever it is necessary to safeguard investors’ interests.

3.7. Measures For Ensuring Confidentiality Until Public Disclosure of Special Circumstances

Special circumstance disclosure shall be made immediately after it is identified that special circumstance has been disclosed to third parties by those members of the company authorized to access corporate information; or if it is thougt that confidentiality of the information cannot be ensured.

3.8. Explanations About Exercising of Shareholders’ Rights

It shall be ensured that shareholders are notified through offering circular and announcements, of general assembly, capital increase, dividend payouts, mergers and splits. Such documents shall be published also on company’s website besides the environments specified in regulation.