What is DASK (TCIP)?

Secure your home through DASK (compulsory earthquake insurance) which is made obligatory by Natural Disaster Insurance Authority, and covers material damages on residences induced by earthquakes.

It provides indemnity as per the scope of your policy coverage of damages arising from earthquake, and earthquake-induced fire, explosion, tsunami, and landslide.

DASK Limit of Coverage

Maximum price of mandatory earthquake insurance was set as ₺ 190,000 by DASK pursuant to regulation come into effect on January 10, 2018; and the price is estimated with reference to cost of re-construction after collapse of the building, size of residency, and type of building, and not considering land value.

Scope of Coverage

  • Grounds

  • Main walls

  • Roofs

  • Corridors

  • Platforms

  • Chimneys

  • Elevators

  • Garden wall

  • Retaining wall

  • Shared walls separating single spaces

  • Ceilings and floors

  • Bearings of building which are categorized same as above listed

Either damaged partially or fully, your building will be covered by earthquake insurance policy.

Cases not covered

Mandatory Earthquake Insurance covers your building for potential damages induced directly or indirectly by earthquake. Cases not covered are as follows:

Rental deprivation

Wreck removal

Business Interruption

Loss of Profit

All kinds of movables

Damages on building, which are not originating from earthquake

All bodily damages and death

Damages other than the ones originating from earthquake, and earthquake-induced fire, explosion, tsunami, and landslide

Claims of non-pecuniary damages

We recommend you to sign up for home insurance for covering of such cases.

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Compulsory Earthquake

Insurance DASK, mandated by the Natural Disaster Insurance Institution, provides coverage against material damage caused by earthquakes to residences. Secure your home with DASK.

Natural Disasters

Your policy provides coverage for damages that may occur due to earthquakes and subsequent events such as fire, explosion, tsunami, and landslides.

Policy Coverage

With earthquake insurance, your building is covered, whether partially or completely damaged.

Policy Renewal

The compulsory earthquake insurance policy has a duration of 1 year, and the policy must be renewed annually.