Comprehensive motor own damage insurance includes all main coverage offered by any insurance company. However based on your request, additional contract provisions can also be included in your contract.

Comprehensive motor own damage insurance covers the damages caused by reasons beyond the insured's intentions.

The following coverage can also be included in comprehensive motor own damage insurance.

  • Thefts as a result of stolen car key,
  • The number of days for replacement car can be increased.
  • Damages abroad can be included.
  • Personal possessions cover can also be included.


  • Collision, crash
  • Rolling over, falling
  • Burning
  • Theft
  • Car theft as a result of a stolen main key
  • Loss of a car key
  • Malicious Acts
  • Terrorism
  • Earthquake
  • Flooding
  • Towing of the vehicle by an unauthorized party
  • Damages by cigarettes and similar substances
  • Insurance Coverage for Rodent Damage
  • No Claim Protection
  • Voluntary Motor Third Party Liability
  • Personal Accident for Passengers and Driver
  • Emergency Ambulance Services
  • Legal Protection
  • Mini Repair Service
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Replacement Car

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Free General Check-up Package for Those who Take Out Motor own damage insurance Policies

Through a tie-up with Kolan Hospital Group, Doğa Insurance offers free General Check-Up Package to those who take out motor own damage insurance policies and also advantageous prices for the spouses and children of policy holders.

Real person policy holders residing in İstanbul, Balıkesir, Bilecik, Bursa, Çanakkale, Edirne, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Tekirdağ or Yalova in Türkiye can select from the General Check-Up Packages offered with motor own damage insurance. Motor own damage insurance policy holders can choose one of the 5 Check-Up Packages which include Urology, General Surgery, Cardiology, Physiotherapy and Ophthalmology Packages. Advantageous prices are offered for the spouses and children of policy holders.


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